What is this BS. I come back after 3 months without playing bc of exams in school and I’m met with the loss of all my clan coins??? Wtf. That’s unfair.

2021.11.28 23:12 EliteShooterYT What is this BS. I come back after 3 months without playing bc of exams in school and I’m met with the loss of all my clan coins??? Wtf. That’s unfair.

What is this BS. I come back after 3 months without playing bc of exams in school and I’m met with the loss of all my clan coins??? Wtf. That’s unfair. submitted by EliteShooterYT to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 23:12 dsiegel_23 Shoyu Mold Question

My first batch of shoyu is about six weeks in. I still try to stir at least every other day. Mold is very clearly still forming if I wait too long between stirs. I made a more experimental amino sauce last year that never stopped growing mold on top (although I wasn’t so good about stirring that one).
I’m wondering if there is ever a point where the mold won’t start blooming on top of the floating moromi almost immediately. What is typical to expect, and are there any tips, tricks, or best practices for managing the mold that people can suggest?
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2021.11.28 23:12 Tenebris27 The Apollo that died might not be the real one

In his last stream, the Syndicate got a new member: Apollo, the dog. But when they were in the room with the blueprints, another dog showed up with Apollo and they couldn't tell which one was the real Apollo. Even if they named one of them as Apollo, he could not be the one that sat on the chair in the Syndicate room. Because of that, there's a 50% chance that the Apollo that died is not the same Apollo that sat on the chair.
Another thing that supports my theory, is the fact that the original Apollo was obedient and got into the boat when Techno told him to. The other Apollo, didn't want to obey Techno and didn't get in the Nether portal.
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2021.11.28 23:12 random503 what is your strategy for travel when picking up a new remote contract?

What is your strategy for travel when picking up a remote contract? Obviously, you're working remote so you can technically work from anywhere. And some companies explicitly state "work from anywhere" but working remote is still a relatively new concept for a lot of managers and companies and there may be grey areas of acceptability.
A company may think that it's acceptable and generous to let an employee work from a nearby beach town but there are some companies and managers who would probably freak out if a USA employee decided to work remote out of the Greek Islands for example. I've found that this type of attitude is partly due to jealousy.
So my general strategy is to stay put for the first 30 days of a new contract. Based on my experience, the first 30 days is critical for establishing trust. Then I'll travel to wherever I want to go. Ie I won't inform my manager or ask for permission. I'll just do it. I think asking for forgiveness later if necessary probably gives the best net result. I'd be interested in hearing about the strategies used by other DN's here and related experiences with those strategies.
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2021.11.28 23:12 bigbunba1 Baby looking for a mommy

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2021.11.28 23:12 _bread_in_a_toaster_ Settle me and my friend’s debate. Do you put on lotion after you dried off from your shower?

They say it’s weird. Me and one other friend say it’s normal & healthy for our skin. What do you think?
View Poll
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2021.11.28 23:12 MsKieal920 Boost for boost asap please

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/mO9qyoE9jhb
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2021.11.28 23:12 Vincent20309 SPY loss on Friday 🙂

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2021.11.28 23:12 Provata Making another bond while a Member?

so. i've been playing runescape for a super long time a while back, and had made a brand new account for osrs. i've never had membership before, but im almost there to earning my first bond.
however, i'm concerned. once i recieve membership via bonds, what should i do first? to someone who hasn't ever been a member before, what would be a good way to get another bond before their membership expires? is there any particular skill that's very good for earning money?
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2021.11.28 23:12 MadWorldReddit Is philosophy ever curved?

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2021.11.28 23:12 DeeceeOrca 'Tis the season 🎄❄️

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2021.11.28 23:12 Temporary-Pea-9054 Just stopping for a sip. Roadside, Woodgate Beach, Qld.

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2021.11.28 23:12 frfall How many of your chapters end on a hook?

Generally it's considered good writing advice to end chapters on a hook. Not necessarily a cliffhanger, but something interesting/unexpected that will make the reader keep turning pages - or in this case, pressing the next chapter button.
I find that this is not all that easy to achieve with every single chapter though, so my question to you all is: how many of your chapters usually end on a hook in a multi-chapter story?
Also, how many hook-less chapters will you tolerate in a fic you're reading before you get bored and quit?
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2021.11.28 23:12 WaterFriendsIV That truck has subtitles

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2021.11.28 23:12 AceUK Does anyone have this whole match anywhere? Getting back into Halo and would love to rewatch but cant find the full match anywhere!

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2021.11.28 23:12 ZestycloseSeries2481 Lugares interesantes para cenar?

Contexto rápido, en unas semanas es el cumple de mi novio y quiero llevarlo a cenar a algún lugar que esté bueno y tenga mucha onda.Siempre quiso ir a Nakama y probar ramen pero estoy abierta a cualquier otra idea ya que le gusta probar cosas nuevas. <3 Si conocen más lugares de comida asiática me re ayudarían <3
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2021.11.28 23:12 brii_co Registeel raid, be online 6479 3128 4120 or 0147 6136 7786

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2021.11.28 23:12 lostpilotz Hatsan Mod 125 muzzle brake set screw?

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2021.11.28 23:12 RageDokkan Kek

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2021.11.28 23:12 DeezKnuttz Hey peeps. I haven’t use PT since 10. My question is, if I have pro tools, do I need to purchase a Native Instruments Maschine as well?

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2021.11.28 23:12 PresidentXi123 Danny L Harle & MC Boing - Boing Beat (VTSS Remix)

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2021.11.28 23:12 Thiccboishrek21 You already know

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2021.11.28 23:12 Extreme-Paint-3101 [Recruiting] looking for people for clan wars, clan war league, Communicating in chat, you can join as long as your above th5 and not rushed and stay active that’s about the only rule of the clan, the clan name is SomeBigBrains and #2YV029QUQ is the other thing

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2021.11.28 23:12 Goku420Blaze We’re 3 friends making videos on photography, adventures and more!! Check out our first episode of the new series called The Bucket List!!

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2021.11.28 23:12 KingSultanDeez If you watching The Riot Card. Shastaffa is one of the guys from high school. Was surprised to see him on Geechi card. How y’all calling his battle with Hansel?

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