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OnlyFans is the social platform revolutionizing creator and fan connections. The site is inclusive of artists and content creators from all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing authentic relationships with their fanbase. The latest Tweets from Official Katerina Hartlova ⭐TOP 2,5% onlyfans⭐ (@Katy_Hartlova). Official Me only Here and My Private https://t.co/C9Fe3hjsEP & https://t ... We're the official Onlyfans discord for content creators. We provide a free of service, self-promoting, high-traffic discord to assist content creators with promoting and growing their platforms. 133 Join Server. ... This is a Nude and Onlyfans leaks Server! Join Now. 589 Join Server. The latest Tweets from OnlyFans (@OnlyFans). OnlyFans is a subscription social platform revolutionizing creator and fan relationships || For support DM @onlyfanssupport. London, England

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2022.01.21 17:11 2rowAway102 Struggle of a 25 YO career shifter.

First week at work and tbh, na overwhelmed ako. I don't know (yet) anything about python programming and API. The hell, ask me now and I cannot give you a proper answer.
First job ko sa call center as a customer service for 3 years then nag shift sa software testing and did that for 2 years at ngayon, nasa devops engineering field.
Not trying to be cheesy but I guess I owe this chance to my current employer. The manager (Americano) gave me a chance to enter this field by only asking "Do you want this job?" and syempre I said YES.
Now that I'm here I can't help but to feel small or maawa sa sarili ko? Lol. Mga teammates ko puro programmers, (same age or even younger pa sakin) they even accomplished something na sa team na I don't know if I can do too. Eh ako? Nga-nga.
Ewan ko ba. Minsan naiisip ko dapat pala nag stay na lang ako sa previous work ko, pero at the same time, ito yung ginusto ko noon pa. Bakit ako susuko now that I'm already here?
I'm excited to see my progress 6 months from now.
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2022.01.21 17:11 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.21 17:11 MihailLeL so my mother hit me in the face with a remote and broke a piece of a tooth.

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2022.01.21 17:11 EpicLifeAdventures Exploring Crescent Bay Beach And Shaws Cove In Laguna Beach, California.

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2022.01.21 17:11 wine-a-bit What moment did you realize “these people should not be parents?”

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2022.01.21 17:11 Cheeseguy88_RS3 It's the little things right?

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2022.01.21 17:11 scholarden How Hard is GRE Maths? Personal Experience

The same questions students ask all the time i.e. is the GRE hard? If yes, how hard is the GRE test? How hard is the GRE maths? The answer is, it is not hard if you use the right approach to tackle it. Here are a few reasons why students feel it hard to get a perfect score in GRE Math.
Fear: The same questions students ask all the time i.e. is the GRE hard? If yes, how hard is the GRE test? How hard is GRE maths? The answer is, it is not hard if you use the right approach to tackle it. Here are a few reasons why students feel it hard to get a perfect score in GRE Math.
Being an experienced GRE mentor, I am here to shred, destroy, obliterate, demolish, shatter, and crush that notion. Because it is not true. I gave the GRE General Test in May, getting a 170 in the quantitative section, 99 percentile in both verbal and in writing. These are the lessons I have derived from my own experience and the experiences of thousands of others I have helped over the years: Stop being afraid.
So, is the Math in GRE tough? Let us dive deep into the following points:
A lot of Resources: There is an abundance of GRE resources published in the last 20 years. Many books are outdated but they are still circulated in the groups because they are FREE PDF versions. Students get into this trap by following FREE available resources without thinking whether they are effective or not? Having too many books makes the students confused about which books to refer to and which books are best for them.
Lack of Guidance: Most people spend a lot of time preparing for the GRE but do not get a good score. The historically low average score of people around the globe feeds the perception that the GRE is a test only exceptional candidates can do well on. Here’s a big idea: the GRE is not as tough as people make it seem – they just do not know how to prepare for it. What’s the right way? You can avail FREE GRE Step-by-Step mentoring via Scholar Den Mentoring.
Investment: The GRE costs money and it asks for proper preparation time. Because it takes a lot of both, just to sit in a test, people feel bogged down by the idea of the money and the time getting wasted. Well, guess what? There is no way around this. So there is no point in thinking about it. It has to be done and that is all there is to it.
Be in charge: Most people follow. That is true of any and every situation in life.
Random Preparation: The majority of students make a crucial mistake during the GRE Maths prep that ends up wasting crucial time in the preparation.
They buy or download random free books over the internet and like college course books, follow it through from the first page to the last. Or they go to a GRE coaching class and follow everything the instructor says. They have no idea what their weak areas are and which books or online resources are effective based on their weak areas.
Consult experts and then think for yourself, see what works for you, and apply that. Understand what you need in order to be successful in the GRE. Your conceptual understanding of mathematics is not the same as any other person in the class you are taking. So, you do not need to follow the same pattern of instruction or preparation as everyone else.
For most things in life, it is really hard to figure out what you need in order to do your best. But, for the GRE, it is actually quite simple. And that is because preparation for the GRE gives you a lot of data to tell you how you are doing and what you need to improve on.
Use data and use online tools: There are two categories of data available when you are preparing for the GRE:
Numerical data points and tools: Primary data comes from the Diagnostic test. Once you attempt practice/diagnostic tests, you get a score. You also get to learn how many questions you got wrong and how much time you spent on the questions overall. Looking at these numbers helps: people use these numbers to gauge how far they are from their target score and the amount of work they need.
A good way to build a data-set for yourself is to use online tools such as Scholar Den to practice instead of using books. That is because they record the data for your attempts, allowing you to look back and see your progress.
But, here is what you need to know about these numerical data points – they give you information on where you are at; they do not tell you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. They do not define strategy. Consider two people with the same practice test score of 155 on the Quantitative section. Are their weaknesses the same? Surely not. So, they cannot use the same strategy to get to a score of 165. What do they look at, then, to figure out how to improve their scores? That question brings us to the next section on non-numerical data.
Non-numerical data points: These are the real moneymakers. But most people are not in charge of their own preparation and are looking for books or tutors to create plans for them, so these data points get ignored. Because of that, personalized strategies for improvement do not get formulated.
The data points I am talking about are the result of analyzing your mistakes. What are the types of questions you are getting wrong – conceptual, lengthy, or common sense ones (to name a few categories)? Which topics are you getting most questions wrong on? What is the reason you get certain questions wrong? Where are you spending more time than necessary? Why are you having trouble understanding a specific topic? And, most importantly, what can you do to improve?
Personal Experience: 6 years ago, I gave the GRE and got 159V, 164Q, and 5W. Comparing that to what I got now, I improved on the quantitative section by 6 points and by 9 points on the verbal section. In what follows, I break down how I improved in the quantitative section.
I never understood what I got wrong in the quantitative section back then. This time, when I started preparing, I realized that I got questions wrong sometimes when I quickly applied a concept I knew, mentally formulated the answer, and selected an option to move ahead.
So I started analyzing those questions to figure out what was the source of my mistakes. One of the reasons was that I was making silly mistakes in calculations like 3×3=6 (my most common mistake ever since I was born). But that was not all. I also checked if I was making conceptual mistakes. It turns out that my concepts were fine, but that the GRE is not all about concepts. Some questions do not involve standard concepts that you would expect. Try the following question, as an example:
Example: How many roots does the equation x^2 + 8x + 21 = 5 have?
The answer should be 2, right? Because quadratic equations have 2 roots? Apply the basic concept and the question is done in 5 seconds. But, if you solve the question on paper, it turns out that the equation represents the perfect square (x+4)^2 = 0. Both the roots, in this case, are the same (both are -4). So the equation has 1 root, not 2. It is an exasperating question that makes you ask “what is the point of asking this question?” What is the point, exactly? Before I explain, look at the next question:
The number 25 is divisible by its unit’s digit (25 is divisible by 5). How many such numbers exist between 30 and 70 which are divisible by their unit’s digits?
This is an easy question. Anyone can solve it without knowing any mathematical concept beyond basic division and counting. But, again, what is this question really testing? Does it really tell a university how good you will be at doing Master’s level mathematics? Not really. So, why does the GRE have such questions? Here’s the answer I think makes sense.
What is the GRE really testing? “The GRE is about testing how well you can adjust to a random array of information: whether you can judge that a question is stupid and adjust to it; whether you can pick and choose the right concepts to apply to an unknown/new situation; whether you can analyze an argument, instead of just absorbing what is being said, because people at the Master’s/Ph.D. level study and work on the latest research and information which can be incorrect. A critical analysis is important. So, that is the main aim of the GRE, beyond testing very basic knowledge of English and Mathematics.”
Once I realized that I knew that I would face a variety of questions in my test – stupid ones, common sense ones, and those requiring regular conceptual mathematics, I had to create a strategy that would help me adjust to the type/level of question.
Strategy: I had to create a strategy that helped root out the silly calculation mistakes I was making. I made them more often when I did lots of quick calculations in my head while thinking about the next steps, or when I skipped multiple steps while solving questions on paper.
Interestingly enough, the solution to both my problems was the same – I decided to solve every question on paper, without skipping any steps. Doing every question on paper ensured that I did not assume anything about the type of question before panning it out on paper. And it also ensured that I did not make any silly mistakes. I knew I could use this strategy because I had not been having any problem with time – I would always end up with 5-10 minutes saved if I did questions quickly, skipping steps and doing them in my head mostly.
I came up with this strategy at the end of the final practice test that I took, a couple of days before my actual test. So, the strategy got tested for the first time during the test itself. And it helped me get from a score of ~165 in practice attempts to 170 out of 170 on test day.
Recent Changes in the GRE Test: The GRE is getting tricky: How hard is the Maths on the GRE? Actually, the concepts tested on the real GRE Maths are high school math but the questions are made tricky so students can apply their clear concepts to solve them within 2 minutes. If you are unable to solve them within 2 minutes, it means your concepts are not clear.
The Hard level questions have long prompts: In order to get a high GRE Maths score, you need to make sure 60 to 80% of the second section will have questions of difficulty level 4 and 5, which are also known as Hard Level Questions. Some GRE Maths hard level questions have long statements. If you are not familiar with how to convert statements into equations, then it would become difficult to solve these questions in less than 2 minutes. So it is important to have a clear conceptual understanding of how a word problem can be broken down to equations.
Refer to Scholarden.com questions if you need to practice GRE Maths tricky and hard level Questions.
Summary: No matter, how hard is the GRE Maths test, you need to follow the systematic approach.
Develop personalized strategies. Some students are bad at concepts. Others are bad at calculations and a few have some other issues. General strategies and opinions do not matter. What matters is what you need. Find it out. Do it.
Article Link: https://blog.scholarden.com/gre-maths/how-hard-is-the-gre-maths-my-personal-experience/
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2022.01.21 17:11 Character_Bridge3240 📢 @pennyblake69 ❤

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2022.01.21 17:11 mateusti Elon Musk detona Twitter após integração de NFTs: “besteira”

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2022.01.21 17:11 Even_Attention_7569 Simple, pretty and useful.

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2022.01.21 17:11 JuliusMoons Xbox News: Total War: Warhammer III Reveals New Legendary Lord, the Monstrous Daemon Prince

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2022.01.21 17:11 What_Is_Wrong_Mate How would you say that you are thicc without expressly stating that you are thicc?

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2022.01.21 17:11 Emperor_Weisser Being needy or am I getting ghosted?

I’m in a lot of pain going back but I’ll attempt to paint a picture.
I (M24) met another female (Let’s call her Abi) at a party 2 months ago. It was magical. Instantly hit it off. Dancing, laughing you get the gist. Went back to her hotel that night.
For a month following this. It was constant texting with deep convos. Including good morning/ good night texts/ FT and calls ever 2-3 days.
On our fourth date- circumstances happened to be where my parents were in town and decided to go out for drinks all together. Went amazing. Stayed out and I went home separately with her to her house. She admitted that she had an amazing time. Stayed over at her house for half the day the next day talking.
Go forward a week. She’s taking a vacation to see her friends for New Years and stay there a couple weeks. I tell her absolutely to take advantage of it and have fun! The texting and calling began to chill a little. Understandable as she’s with her friends. We probably traded a few text bursts twice a day and talk once every 4-5 days over the weeks. She texted things like she missed me/ can’t wait to see me/ next time she comes she’s bringing me.
Everything’s good right?
Wednesday shit hits the fan with work for her (she’s remote). I text her a single message hoping that her day is going well even with all the stress. I get a response. I then ask her if she’d like me to come pick her up Saturday and that I bring a bottle of wine and be her chef.
No response. I send her a single Snapchat Thursday. I message her on Friday with a very short message hoping that her flight back is safe and if she had a chance to see my message to make plans for Saturday. She sends a burst of texts saying how she missed the message and that it just can’t work out this weekend.
I don’t hear from her in any form the entire weekend. Meanwhile my Snapchat is still unopened from Thursday but she posted a Snapchat story on Sunday.
I give her space for the weekend with no communication from either of us. I then text her Monday morning asking how her weekend was and if she still able to make it to a ski trip we had organized the following Saturday. I waited all day with no response. With a Snapchat that is 5 days old and not hearing from her really for 4 days. I assumed it was over and I was getting ghosted.
I deleted her number and removed all forms of social media Monday night.
I receive a text about about 30 minutes later from Abi saying how incredibly busy she’s been and that she meant to text me early but couldn’t. She then began asking how my weekend went and saying that her aunt asked her to help out with a dinner party and that she wouldn’t be able to make it but possibly next week.
It hurt to hear that she couldn’t follow through with the plans we made. So I asked her if she was still wanting to have a relationship with me.
Abi’s response,”I’ve been extremely busy and think it’s an unfair question to ask me that when you know that. I can go days without communicating. Also. We’re only dating right now and getting to know each other, I don’t know what you mean by relationship.”
I responded saying that I just enjoy hearing from her and that I hope to get to see her next weekend. Confessing that I want to make things work.
Since Monday. It’s been 1 text bursts a day and 1 Snapchat exchange.
I want to preface that she has been busy but to an extent to not open a Snapchat or text?.
But do I trust that she’s had no time to reply or call?
TLDR: met someone exceptional. Go on 4 dates. Constant talking with initiating on both sides. To her ghosting me for 5 days while she was still posting on social media. Her company is launching its program over the next couple weeks. So she has been busy working 10 hour days but doesn’t work weekends.
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2022.01.21 17:11 Staticoli Guys I found this really cool stock called PTON

This stock is literally going to shit it's self I've been following as long as I subbed and yeah let me tell you this @3% increase ain't going to last long because uh. No one wants to exercise on a bike that's stupid! Maintenance fees alone was the design of the company model and those.dont work after 2 grand of repairs for majority of people. So I shorted pelaton today for the last hour let's see how this shit stock does
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2022.01.21 17:11 xD_dankster Welcome to the Aethernet

If you’re new to the community Make yourself at home and get comfy we don't allow idiots or nasty pepole
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2022.01.21 17:11 reedopatedo9 Feeling pretty ready for regionals tomorrow. Just gunna enjoy myself

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2022.01.21 17:11 ChrisIsBrucePhoto Did four days in the needle district over New Years

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2022.01.21 17:11 JuliusMoons Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards This Week – Flawless Loot

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2022.01.21 17:11 morfious_ How do I buy land and start a company in Haiti?

My wife is a stay at home wife and I want to give her a pet project to keep her busy. I want to start an American company under her name and the a subsidiary company in Haiti which concentrates on agriculture, trade, labor services and charity. I know Haiti as a country is poor and many of it's people live on less than $5 a day. I want to buy land in Haiti, build mobile homes, farm with live stock/crops, school, library and a plantation. We will hire single women/mother's, the "unfortunate", single men in need of work and children. We will pay them $3/day for women + $1 for every child she has, $4/ day for men and house them. They will work on the farm or for the company doing jobs like cleaning, construction and clerical work. After a year they can choose to come to the USA via boat or work visa and have the option to send money back home. My question is how can I buy land as a company in Haiti and how much does it cost? Is there laws in Haiti that could indenture their work or write up labor contracts? I plan on working with the police, lawyers and hire a security militia to protect my company and wife. I want to help the people of Haiti but I don't want to loose out on investment.
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2022.01.21 17:11 Enkokage Strange situation with a friend group and I don't know what to do.

I'm not sure what I should do and this has caused me a lot of distress lately. I recently caught back up with an old friend. I'll call him Jam. I disconnected a while ago because of my living situation. Jam is one of my best friends and I was excited to reconnect. Recently, we had a get together where we had drinks and amazing conversations with a group of his friends. I was acquainted with one of Jam's friends, and I'll call him Ron. Ron is dating a woman; we'll call her Diane. We are all vaccinated and boosted. Our first reunion with Jam and everyone was wonderful. We ate, drank, and had a long conversation. The second time the group decided to get together, we went out for dinner and, I overheard that Ron and Diane were having a rough patch or something. As the night went on, we migrated to Jam's house. Everyone was still drinking and moving around the house with conversation. Diane and I started to talk about a multitude of topics. She shared with me an idea she was really interested in creating, which I said I could help with. As the party came to a close, I started to say my goodbyes to everyone. When I went to say goodbye to Ron, he stated, "She wants you." Out of the blue, which made the statement a bit worrisome. The statement shook me. I ignored the statement, said my byes, and left. Over the next week or two I worked on her idea. I was able to make a few mockup prototypes on the computer. I asked for her number and sent the files over to her to review. She loved the prototypes and wanted to get together to talk more about it. We haven't gotten together since I sent the files to her to discuss the topic. The last time we had a get together, the group went to Jam's place where we all ate and drank. We were all drinking and having fun over a small fire in the backyard. At one point it got really cold, and thus I migrated inside to keep warm. Jam, I and another friend were in the house when Ron came in. Ron definitely had a few drinks. He came over to me and put his arm around me and said, "Think about me. You should really think about me." He stated that 3 -5 times before going back outside. This definitely made me really uncomfortable. After an hour, I told Jam goodbye and told everyone I said goodbye but I was to cold to go back outside. Now it's been a week or so and I'm not sure what to do in this situation. I want to talk to Jam about it, but I'm afraid of an unknown outcome. Jam's girlfriend is sisters with Diane. I have lost friends before because of similar situations and I'm afraid of losing them. help...
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2022.01.21 17:11 Vayduhluv Let me be your lil school girl u spoil

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2022.01.21 17:11 TaxEducational8501 Connecticut drivers, why are y’all the absolute worst??

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2022.01.21 17:11 JarsOfJewels Anyone able to log in?

I see recent posts about people opening packs etc but I can’t get through the “server traffic.” If you got in, how did you do it?
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2022.01.21 17:11 wanderingnomad11 What would you do in my shoes?

I have a 2012 Subaru Outback with 98,000 miles on it. It spent the last two years sitting, but outside of that it had regular maintenance including oil changes. It is paid off and Kelly Blue Book says it’s worth $6,000. I just spent $2,100 to get it back on the road just 3 months ago - it needed new tires, brake calipers, serpentine belts, coolant flush and other basic maintenances. This isn’t a fact that is weighted too heavily because I am a rational person, but I have a sentimental attachment to this car.
The bad news: Driving down the highway the warning lights came on and in the process of finding a safe space to pull over, white smoke came from under the hood and it made a very loud whining noise and the car came to a stop.
I had it towed to a mechanic that said the engine is done for and I would need a new engine, but did not take the engine out to look or anything. I got a second opinion from another mechanic that said the engine is not done for and that I am looking at a pricey repair to replace the head gasket and possibly two heads. Both mechanics suggested I don’t get a used engine.
I get a THIRD opinion from someone who specializes in Subarus and they say that they suggest I get a used engine and that if they go in and find extensive damage from the overheating and need a used engine anyway that it will be a few hundred dollars more for machine costs and time but that they will dive in to rebuild what needs rebuilding. Quoted it could be up to $4,000 if fixable.
When I try to start the car it tries to start but doesn’t. I have been told by all three mechanics that I have lost engine compression but there is no oil mixing. One mechanic said there IS compression in the cooling system.
I am hesitant to get a used engine as I am not too educated in engine maintenance aside from bringing it to a shop. I am getting bites to sell the car for $3,000. I don’t NEED a car for another two years when I start my internship, but it is convenient. With all this considered and considering the prices of newer cars these days, what decision would you make?
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