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First Campaign Help

2022.01.21 17:59 Account00098 First Campaign Help

I’m fairly new to the world of dnd, I’ve played a few games and hosted a couple of oneshots too but I wanna get my start on an actual campaign. I play with my close friends so I understand most of the concepts of being both player and DM, but I’m unaware of things like spacing out a campaign story or even just writing one in general so if anyone can please give me some tips and advice I’d greatly appreciate it
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2022.01.21 17:59 FreeYuri Built Different

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2022.01.21 17:59 blairetaylor09 The perfect blood circle my boyfriends booster shot left on his arm

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2022.01.21 17:59 poorlyboy Stolen from twitter…

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2022.01.21 17:59 Freedom-75 Please help me

If i put a collection on Opensea these collection can I put in other Nft marketplace ? Or only on Opensea ?
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2022.01.21 17:59 NoJustSe H: B/E Laser Rifle and B/ffr/25lvc Fixer & Weapons & Armors W: Q/50c or ffr/25lvc Energy weapons

Looking for Enclave Plasma pistol/rifle with automatic barrel or tesla rifle or laser rifle (not heavy ones)
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2022.01.21 17:59 EestiMentioned [/r/borussiadortmund] 📺 Where to watch TSG Hoffenheim vs Borussia Dortmund.

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2022.01.21 17:59 AwfulRythamJim THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! UDiCC ice cream Is DOWN (Convos ice cream is new best frend)

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2022.01.21 17:59 fille_de_brouillard Awhe I miss Alice 💗

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2022.01.21 17:59 Background-Phrase508 Jelly legs???

I’m waiting for my official diagnosis between chrons or colitis with an endoscopy and colonoscopy early Feb. All the doctors I’ve spoken to essentially said they’re almost positive I have one or the other, and the colonoscopy is essentially to confirm which it is.
I have had a “jelly legs” sensation for the past two-ish weeks following a pretty bad flare that’s starting to taper out. It feels like when you have a high fever (I don’t) and are sick in bed and your muscles feel exhausted/jelly-like. I’m just curious if this is a normal symptom for anyone else? I know joint pain is pretty common, but I haven’t seen anything on this particular sensation.
Any insights (colonoscopy endoscopy included) would be appreciated!
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2022.01.21 17:59 gem_3000 Winter beauty

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2022.01.21 17:59 Radaghaszt H: Caps W: Aa/40FSS/VatsEnhanced Shishekebab

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2022.01.21 17:59 louisvillebandit Is this the guy that wasn’t calling plays in the Iron Bowl?

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2022.01.21 17:59 emorejahongkong David Thunder: governments' & public health authorities' shocking levels of incompetence, recklessness, cowardice, and moral blindness

While governments and public health authorities have been put in a tough spot by the explosion of infections and disease caused by a relatively novel virus, their decisions throughout the pandemic reached levels of incompetence, recklessness, cowardice, and moral blindness that were shocking, even to those of us who were already skeptical about the competence and integrity of our political leaders.
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2022.01.21 17:59 Socks_and_Sandals23 The whole time they're like "It's not gonna be perfect blah blah blah"

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2022.01.21 17:59 anon43850 There Will Never Be More Than 21 Million Bitcoin

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2022.01.21 17:59 Letsgomic [question] Does Vanced work on Android TV?

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2022.01.21 17:59 PiklRose Cyberpunk Ambient 2.0 with Behringer TD-3, Behringer Neutron, & Korg Arp Odyssey

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2022.01.21 17:59 Flyingbatdragons Lf shiny lugia!

Please let me know and comment if you have it!
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2022.01.21 17:59 IOTARO Have you had a spleen-preserving partial distal pancreatectomy?

Have you had a spleen-preserving partial distal pancreatectomy in the US? If you have, was it open or laparoscopic/robotic? They want to do one on me to deal with an IPMN but finding surgeons who do this in the US (I'm in New York City) is proving to be daunting.
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2022.01.21 17:59 Mikazukinoyaiba [Q] Using BIC For Determining Number of Clusters in Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering?

I had a meeting today in which a fellow used the nomclust::dend.plot(clusters = "BIC") function and argument to determine the number of clusters that exist within their dendrogram, which as far as I'm aware using the Bayesian Information Criterion is applicable only to model-based generated dendrograms.
However this fellow stated they used UPGMA to cluster their objects. Would this have been appropriate?
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2022.01.21 17:59 Unlikely_Disaster_67 What’s your coping mechanism?

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2022.01.21 17:59 The_Diamond_Ruby Unpopular opinion incoming : Toy Story 4 sucks and shouldn't exist

This movie ruins so bad the meaning and rythm of the series I'm so sad. The point of the movies is that they are only toys but they are so connected and caring for each other it doesn't really matter if they're played with.
When Andy gives the toys to Bonnie at the end of TS3 it is deep because Andy has grown up and doesn't "need" these toys anymore. But, he wants them to still be loved by someone, and still have a use. He'd rather know them in good loving hands rather than in the bottom of a box for years . The ending is really emotionnal and couldve easely been the ending of everything.
But no, the 4th movie comes in dares make us believe that "ok guys so Bonnie actually doesn't care about Woody and the others and she'd rather play with a stupid trash fork", also, Woody being Woody, tries to prove that fork that he can be a real toy if Bonnie sees him as one. So i'm not gonna lie I'm not fund of this character but at least his connection with Woody makes sense. But while you are gonna tell me "well you said it it doesn't matter if they're played with", the way 4 just puts it there like it's normal while TS3 ending was so uplifting just doesn't work with me.
But now you're gonna tell me that a pretty stupid looking and mean doll is gonna try to ruin all their plan booh and guess what ? I'm sure this character has more screentime than Buzz and Jessie combined. It's. So. Depressing.
Don't get me started on the ending. I do not accept it. Woody wouldn't leave all the others just for Bo Peep. Why ? Because while I love her, and her whole "strong independant woman" arc, we see Woody basically giving up on her in previous movie. She followed her way, that's all. He should have more reasons to be "in love" with Jessie than Bo peep who would only be that good old' partner. Having the single thought than Woody might not ever see Buzz or Jessie is, no. This is not real. You cannot tell me this movie was thought about beforehand and is not a massive cash grab over a popular franchise.
I feel like I need to end on the obvious point that despite my so low love for this movie, it is only my opinion and I am open for discussion, it's the point afterall.
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2022.01.21 17:59 alt-incorporated AAAAAA WTF DID I JUST SEE

So I was getting ready to do the funni and I just saw the worst ad ever on the site: IT WAS FUCKING MINECRAFT ALEX TENTACLE SHIT AAAAA I WANNA FUCKING BURN MY EYES OUT
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2022.01.21 17:59 the1rayman Will the chapter approved subfaction rule change cause more casual players to play open/narrative outside of tournaments?

I started playing at the beginning of 8th, so I've almost always had things like Open War, Maelstrom and since 9th robust narrative rules. But I've heard from people who have played longer that before there was just matched play so that's what almost everyone plays even when just casually playing.
But the new subfaction rules have made some pretty drastic changes to several armies. I dont play competitive so I won't give my opinion on these changes on the competitive scene but it does make me wonder if since there is such a huge difference now in competitive play and the more casual open/narrative play if more people will shift their casual games to those formats.
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